…dreams, pride, and other stuff…

pexels-photoDisclaimer…this one bounces around, sometimes abruptly, before coming to the point. Please tighten your seatbelts….

Do you have weird dreams? Do you remember them? I struggle to remember much of my dreams, most of the time. A fleeting whisper of a memory…and then it’s all gone…again, let me state…most of the time. Monday morning wasn’t one of those times. I woke up several minutes before the alarm, and I’m pretty sure I kept dreaming until the alarm went off…or perhaps I dreamed I woke up…not sure.

It was a weird dream. I was running (that in itself is weird). I was running up staircases, down escalators, jumping short walls (proof it was a dream), I ended up outside, and I was still running. I don’t remember going through any doors, but I do remember going through several different buildings. I was trying to beat someone.  Who, I didn’t know?  But I was beating them. I was so proud of the fact I was beating them that I was bragging to myself as I ran. I was running a fantasy conversation for those watching me…”wow he’s fast,” “I’ve never seen anyone run down stairs with such grace”…now, I don’t recall the exact words in my dream, but I know that was the idea behind them.

I was running through buildings that reminded me of things, the buildings weren’t ones I knew…just reminders. Past jobs were represented, one by some office that was under the sidewalk I was running over, parts of the sidewalk were glass, and I could look down at an old bank loan desk.  Passed through some sort of daycare and the zoo was out the window…so not all of the reminders were jobs.  Ran by a snowbank…in a building. Like I said weird. Then I stopped and panicked. I was running to get somewhere, not sure where, but it was a long way away…and I just remembered I started my running after parking my car. Turning around, I was lost…could not find my car…the thing that could get me to where I was going. Then I woke up or dreamed I woke up.
Next thing…I’m getting ready for work. Pondering the oddness of my dream. The words to a little known Christian song from 1997, pops into my head. I had found it a couple of weeks ago on Spotify, so it wasn’t completely weird that happened…only mostly weird. The song was on a CD called Mindy’s Revenge…the song “The Humbling” by Sacred Sky. (Spotify and YouTube have it under the names Troy and Genie Nilsson.)

The lyric that bounced in my head…

“…God said I saving you from pride
My love comes in the humbling.
Every knee shall bow
Every tongue confess
Christ is the King
We all need the humbling…”

I wasn’t in front of a mirror, so I can’t describe my look of confusion…but it had to be one of my better confused looks (and for the record, I am an expert at confused looks). How did those words come to mind with the dream I was remembering? Then it hit me…my dream was about my pride. Self-praise, things I’d accomplished, running under my own power…then realizing I was completely lost.

I’m not going to claim I heard the voice of God. I will admit I could have stretched things to fit the situation. What I do firmly believe…in re-centering myself in Him just a couple of days prior. When I worked on getting back to “abide mode”…I was focused on God and more open to understanding the things around me from a spiritual perspective. The prior week had been horrible…busy, getting further behind, grumpy, long hours, getting low, grumpy, and letting the world steal my joy. Some alone time with God, some prayer time with Julie, and some more alone time got my focus off of me…back to Him. Because of that focus, what at first seemed weird had a spiritual application in my life.
I don’t mention this to brag…but instead to challenge.

How often do we miss things because our focus is not on Him?
What blessings do I miss when I let the world blind me to Him?
How much more joy and understanding would we have…if we focused on Him and abided in Him?

For those who live according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh, but those who live according to the Spirit set their minds on the things of the Spirit. For to set the mind on the flesh is death, but to set the mind on the Spirit is life and peace. [Romans 8:5-6 ESV]

If you keep my commandments, you will abide in my love, just as I have kept my Father’s commandments and abide in his love. These things I have spoken to you, that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be full. [John 15:10-11 ESV]

One thought on “…dreams, pride, and other stuff…

  1. lol… I take it you don’t run? That was some dream! If I’m running in a dream it’s usually very slowly. I try to run but I can’t (in dream life). I don’t run in reality either, but I imagine I could run faster than I do in my dreams since it’s like I’m trying to run through something that is holding me back. I’ve had a nightmare of two where someone was chasing me or a train is baring down on me, and I was running so slowly that it startled me awake in my fear of what would ensue next. I wonder what THAT says about me. (Likely that my feet were tangled in the blankets.) he he. I hate it when you can’t find something in your dream! With me it’s alway that I can’t find my locker, or my husband. Hate it when I lose Andrew and I spend the rest of the dream looking for Him. There’s gotta be some hidden meaning in there. I don’t think I’m a worrier when I’m awake, but maybe … maybe on some level I have some worries.


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