…God’s Prayer Book…

Psalm 17:1            

Both in Jewish and Christian traditions Psalms has been called the prayer book of the Bible.  For good reason, it’s a collection of prayers and songs (often prayers to be sung).  Want to learn to pray…turn to the Psalms.

In those 150 chapters, there is a vast array of emotions poured out…highs and lows, angst and praise, laments and thanksgivings.  God had all of it recorded there for us, to show us we could hide nothing from Him and that He wanted to hear it all from us.

Praying the Psalms helps us when we don’t know how or what to pray.  Praying the Psalms helps us when we feel as if we’re praying by rote.  Praying the Psalms help us commune with our Heavenly Father as we follow the example He gave us.

A Psaltery (collection of Psalms) is a handy little book to carry around so you have access…and can use a bookmark to track where you left off.   Also, you could use a guide listing the Psalms by “topic” to help you when you want to pray for something specific.  (Such as Psalm 70 for fear; Psalm 23 for contentment; Psalm 9 for grateful; Psalm 77 for despair.)

Using the Psalms as a prayer guide, reading the scripture out loud as a prayer, helps you focus yourself on God…where our focus should always be.

“God gave the Psalms to us so we would give the Psalms back to God.”  – Donald Whitney

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