…manage the temple…

 1 Corinthians 6:19-20            

One area not often talked about when discussing stewardship is the temple.  What temple?  Us.  We are the temple, and we are to be good managers (stewards) of what God gave to us.   There are a couple of basic concepts to think about – “garbage in, garbage out” and “out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks.”  In other words, we must steward input and output.

What are we ingesting?  Books, TV, games, the company we keep, and anything else…should build us up spiritually, or at the very least not lead us away from Him.  This doesn’t mean give up all entertainment, instead, be more aware of what it is that you are “dumping” into the temple.  You need to rest…but you aren’t to be “unplugging” all the time, anything that consumes your life that is not of God is an idol.  As a follower of Christ, we should place NO idols in His temple.  Be watching for those things that steal your time, treasure, and talent away from the One who gave you those things.  Spend time with Him, investing in and building up His temple.

When you manage the input, the output will take care of itself – most of the time.  We still must guard our mouth, our attitudes.  We, at times, let the “good stuff” corrupt our temple when it is self-serving.  Judgment, passive-aggressive behavior, ignoring others, are a few taints to our output that creep in, even if we’re doing a passable job of managing our inputs.  Often we let our bias, political leanings, or expectations litter our temples and what comes out carries some of that baggage.

Temple stewardship is essential; it is the aspect that takes our actions beyond duty – the part that makes it real, not something to be done.  A “good” temple steward is surrendered to Him…not one who is doing a job trying to be “good enough”.  What kind of manager are you?

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