…fungus farts…

Yeast causes bread to rise. How? Yeast breaks down sugar, which produces gas, which fills the bread and…ta-da…it’s fluffy. Do you know what yeast is? It’s a fungus. Yeast, gas…fungus farts. So that slice of bread you ate…full of fungus farts. (When I told the kiddos this past Sunday, several made faces and noises that I’m imaging several of you are making right now.)

Some might accuse me of putting this email together only so I could use the phrase…fungus farts (it is fun to type). That is not the case, just an enjoyable side-effect. There is a spiritual application here.

In scripture the term used is leaven. Typically, this is dough with yeast used to leaven other dough (some of you might remember ‘friendship bread’ where someone would share a small glob of dough, and the recipient would mix up more dough and use the glob to get the new dough to ferment…) That was a simple way to cultivate and pass yeast doing the fungus fart thing.  

Most often, and by most, it’s by a substantial margin, when leaven is mentioned in the Bible…it is an analogy of sin (Matthew 16:6-12, 1 Corinthians 5:1-8, Galatians 5:7-10). The analogy is how a small amount impacts the entire loaf. It takes over, reshaping, altering the actual physical makeup of the dough…yet it’s such a little thing.  

We do a lot of consuming fungus farts in our spiritual life. Those little white lies, those things that nobody sees or learns about…but the problem is, even those things we “get away with”…still impacts us. It alters our makeup…it can numb us to who we are supposed to be. We often have no problem with the “big sins”…at least for a season, but those small sins…those little grains of yeast we let in. Those are out there fermenting, stealing our focus, altering our walk. That first compromise is always the hardest, from that point we have that voice saying “we already did _________, what’s one more step….” Soon we find out that that little leaven has leavened the whole lump (Galatians 5:9)…we’re filled with fungus farts.

Thankfully, our sins are forgiven. We need to turn away from it (repent), refocus on God, get back to abiding in Him.  This is, pardon the analogy here, our spiritual “Beano.” Sin has no power over us, except for the power we relinquish. To give that power away…we have to be on the throne of our life, we’ve taken control. The antidote to all of this is not letting it in…which we do by abiding in Him, trusting God in everything….little or large.

He is the bread of life…and there is a reason the symbol we use at Communion is unleavened bread. He is without sin. And He paid the price so we could become overcomers; sin has no power over us. We need to remind ourselves of this at all times and stay surrendered to Him, not surrendered to sin.

One thought on “…fungus farts…

  1. Wow…you threw me with this one. I couldn’t read it without smiling and laughing. I had a hard time keeping my concentration. Lol. If I remember this and start smirking during communion, I’m blaming you. Lol. Thanks for the word, and the smiles, Kenn. 🙂

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