Recently watched a video of an A. J. Swoboda sermon (link at the end of post), he was speaking on Paul’s Damascus road experience. I had to stop about half-way through and absorb something he said. It’s something that has stuck with me for several days now….here’s a paraphrase (mostly a quote but I may have missed a word or two):

The gospel is not about making you feel better…the gospel is about destroying you…
Conversion is when we stop bending Jesus’ kingdom to ours, and we start bending our lives to Jesus’ kingdom.

At first listen, I shook my head. After letting it soak in my brain, it made sense in a rather profound way. How can we be new creations if the old is not destroyed? If we die to ourselves…how can we not be destroyed? If I’ve been crucified with Christ and no longer live…how can that happen if I’m not destroyed?

Destroyed is such a harsh word. Full of threatening imagery. I don’t want to be destroyed; I still want “me things.” Yet, if I have named Jesus as Lord of my life…how can I be anything but destroyed?

Then that second part…how often I try to bend Jesus to my wants, my plans. As someone who is converted…it should be ALL about bending my life to His kingdom.

This is all something I knew, you know it as well…but how easy is it for us to cast aside in our “day to day.”

I for one want to live my life…destroyed. Okay, even when I mean it, it’s still scary. Pray for me…I’ll pray for you.  

One thought on “…destroyed…

  1. God said that his people were destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because they rejected Him He said he would reject them. (Hosea 4:6) I just finished reading through Jeremiah. They were indeed destroyed. Thankfully God tears us down to build us back up. It IS scary, and sometimes very painful. But thankfully we also know the end of the story. I enjoyed your post Kenn. You and your family are already on my prayer list.


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