So…you’re interested in what’s going on here.  Before I tell you a bit about me, allow me to fill you in on this blog (in case you stumbled on it and have no idea who I am.)

I’m a lay pastor at Crossroads Church in Grain Valley MO.  For several years I’ve put out a, mostly, weekly email that has had a small “blog-like” message as well as some information on what the kiddos will be studying the upcoming Sunday.  (So parents can disciple at home, using the lesson topics.)

Anything before 9/21/2017 was written with no thought to being a blog post and for an email list – not “world” distribution.  So there may be a few things that you run across that only make sense in that context.

I’ll be trying to scrub personal details out where it seems like they should be, but I’m not infallible so there could be some references to things that you won’t understand…sorry in advance.

And with that, I’ll share some about me…
Follower of Christ, Husband (Julie – who you’ll see referred to –  is my wife), Father, Grandfather, lay pastor, IT Manager (Java, ECM).
Penguins fascinate me (yes easily entertained), I like good coffee, good books, and good friends.  (And that sounds rather lame, but leaving it all in there cuz it’s true.)